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Our 2015 Archway Photos 

Schmalz Fence Company in the Wapiti Valley between

Cody, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park has been in business for over 35 years!


The archways in the accompanying pages have all been built by us!  We build them to suit what you want them to look like, and build them to last!  We include in our prices for our Ranchgates, peeling of the logs (many times peeled in different ways to get the desired effect), treating the bases with CCA below ground treat.  Also the setting up of the structure, putting in doweled-end wood rail gates with all the hardware, and treating the whole thing with log-oil such as UV-Plus, Messmer’s Stain/Wood Preservative,  Golden Clear Finish of the famous Swedish-made “SIKKENS” Stain or the Golden-clear finish such as Behr-Rawhide! The way we prepare and install these structures, we expect them to last for at least 25-30 years or longer depending on soil conditions. At times we construct post-and-rail or buck-and-rail  fences to attach the Ranchgate to the lane or farmstead, or to go all the way around the acreage with the same type and color scheme to give it the western look that few places can brag of having!  We will construct the Ranchgate here in Wyoming and transport it to your home or ranch! We can dig the holes and set the whole thing for you or you can install it all yourself using our easy to read (and or verbal) instructions. We also offer to build our beautiful hand-made gates, hinges and hardware-completely assembled before shipment for the self install. We can custom-build the rail-gates and ship them disassembled with the gate hardware to your favorite fencer or handyman as well- or with instructions for you to construct!

Schmalz Fence Company

Don Schmalz
Box 1896
Cody, WY 82414

E-mail:  schmalz@tctwest.net


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